Cost of Living

Goshen County ranks as one of the most affordable places to live in Wyoming, and is a leader in Wyoming economics when comparing food, housing, apparel, transportation, medical care and recreation, according to a cost of living report released by the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information, Economic Analysis Division.

The cost of living index for Goshen County was 90, based on the following scores:

93 for food
78 for housing
116 for apparel
100 for transportation
108 for medical care
96 for recreation

The Cost of Living Index is a summarization of price data.  The price data collected is used to build a comparative index.  140 items were surveyed and put into six categories, which were then weighted according to their overall importance in the average consumer's budget with Housing having the heaviest weight and apparel the lightest.  The numbers are compared with the statewide average of 100.

The study recorded the cost of living in 28 Wyoming cities over Jan. 4-6, 2012. Cost estimates for Goshen County were based on the City of Torrington, Wyoming. To view the complete report:

Inflation rates for Wyoming are calculated on a regional basis. The inflation rate for Goshen County and Southeast Wyoming was 4.1% compared to the statewide average of 3.8%. The Southeast region includes Goshen, Niobrara, Platte, Laramie, Albany and Carbon counties. The Central region, which included Converse, Fremont, and Natrona Counties, had the highest inflation rate at 4.8 percent.

Housing (2nd Quarter 2011)

Average apartment rent: $484
Average rent, single-family home: $540
Average sales price, single-family home: $136,174 (compared to state average: $250,958)
Real value of single family building permits: $132,500

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